Sunday, February 24, 2008

I just got back from a night at the movies with my 9 year-old, Rea.
We watched this fabulous movie, and then we stopped by the 7-Eleven for hot chocolate :)

Rea really enjoyed this. I was afraid she may have been scared, 'cause some of the scenes were pretty scary, but she handled it quite well. I think it helped that she had read the books, and she agreed that it's def. a good idea to read the book before watching a movie.

I missed the Oscars though, but that was okay. I'll catch up on the web later this evening. I hope that Juno gets something.
I loved that movie, and looks like that's the only Oscar contender I've seen so far.

Thank goodness for good girlfriends, or I wouldn't have watched that either!

Off to bed now..It's been a tiring weekend.


Kimberly said...

Ok...girl! 1st..I LOVE YA!...and your blog is so NOT boring! xoxo
Oh shoot! Missed the oscars too!
Good to know about Juno...I want to see that one too.
Night sweets! xoox
Love ya,

ellen said...

i watched the oscars...BORING! no one jumped around like a nut and that is what i like, ROFL!

sounds like a good night girls night out!

Martina said...

ohh my oldest and my 4 1/2 year old son went to see that movie with DH on Sunday!!! DD really enjoyed it though I heard that it was bit more scarier than we thought!!!!

Holly said...

Im glad you two enjoyed the movie together.. I am hoping to get all my kids and DH to the movies when horton hears a who comes out in theatres.. :) I havent been to the movies with them in a long long while.. So its due time we do this together!

MonaS! said...

so glad to hear its a good movie. Malachi's class has been reading it in school so we are thinking of taking the kids this weekend.