Monday, October 26, 2009

Start of Birthday Quarter...

The 25th of October marks the start of 3 months of cake-eating.
It's like Shark Week...
But without the Sharks...
And lots of cakes...
And it runs over many many weeks...

Yesterday, Osh had his big day and we celebrated with a cupcake cake, which was done up in a Halloween theme:

Watch this space for more b/day pics...

This guy is next:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What a couple of weeks it's been!

My Garage Sale went awsomely.
I made some cash...
Got rid of some stuff...
And spent waaaaaaaayyyyy too much time setting up and taking it back down.

Then our Zuzzi took a fall, and this happened:

I rushed him to the emergency room (a first for us) 'cause there was just SO MUCH BLOOD

I asked for Hubby, who was doing the anaesthetics in theatre that day.
He came out, with the surgeon, and a handful of nurses...
(benefits of having a Doc in the family...hee)
And declared that our little monkey was fine.

A large box of "Smarties" was prescribed, along with a stiff shot of Bailey's for Mum...
And all was well :)

Hey, did you know it's almost that time of year again?

Supplies: "Upsy Daisy Designs" papers from the "Hot Chocolate" line

Okay, time to scoot...later gators :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

My Second Annual Garage Sale

Last summer I had a small, impromtu scrappy garage sale.
It went pretty well, and I got a fair idea of what the local ladies wanted.

So this year, I did it again.
Except I advertised it, and planned it out a bit more.

Tons (and I mean TONS) of stuff is ticketed to be sold.
I probably need another two garages in order to set out everything.

Yesterday was Day 1,and it ends tomorrow at 6pm.
So far, it's going pretty well.