Monday, April 21, 2008

They say it's Spring.
But I don't believe a word.
Look at these pics I took from inside (there's no way I'm going outside!)...

This is the pile of white stuff outside our deck:

and our back yard:

It is pretty though,
and so peaceful.
I much prefer this to the blazing hot sun...(I'll duck while you throw rotten tomatoes now ;) )


Anonymous said...

I love the snow when it is freshly fallen. But at this time of year, I prefer to have new grass, fresh flowers and not so hot sun. I can't handle the sun when it's too hot.

Jayme said...

I am very grumpy... and these pictures do NOT help.

Holly said...

yuck, yuck, yuck... Especially for April weather.. Bless your heart!

Theresa Tyree said...

OMGosh!! And I thought WE had it bad here in Missouri! Yikes!! I'm so sick of the cold and snow. I'm ready for a change. The redbud trees are blooming right now as well as the tulips. It's so beautiful but cold still.
Sorry I missed you last night. I tried nudging you, but I guess you were off. I'm at work right now, with no IM access, so I thought I'd come here and say hi. Hope everything is ok.