Sunday, June 29, 2008

Everyone Leaves...

If you ever watched One Tree Hill may have heard or seen these words at some time.

Today, I felt them.
Two of our very dear, much loved friends, T and D said good-bye to us this morning, after spending the weekend with us.
And we all feel so miserable.

We met them last year in Calgary, after a mutual ex- South African friend told us about each other when she discovered we were all moving to Calgary in the Summer.

T and D are South African too, and had been living in the U.K for the past 7-8 years, and were re-locating to Calgary for T to do some post-PHD research at a laboratory there.

They arrived a month after we did, and we became firm friends.
We saw each other almost every sngle weekend, and became each other's support.

After we moved back to St.Paul, we still kept in regular contact and were saddened to hear that the time had come for them to return to the U.K.
Nonetheless, we had a great weekend together, and today when they left, we were left with that same hollow, empty feeling we have whenever we leave family, or vice versa.

Even the kids are sad :(


Patti said...

{hugs} Lacintha!!

ellen said...


i miss you and i don't even see you.

seriously. you guys are so far away from your family too.