Friday, August 15, 2008

Scrapbooking Garage Sale

I'm down-sizing my scrappy stuff.
45 boxes is waaaaay more than this girl needs.
So things have to go.
Kinda sad though. Seeing my stuff go off to new homes.



ellen said...

hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am laughing b/c i didn't even read your blog before i started writing b/c i missed you! ROFL. ack. i am a nerd and proud of it.

ohh yeah, get rid of that stuff, lol. you get enough free stuff. ;)

so how is life. good? i have to do my journal yet. good thing theresa is slow.

what is is the herd these days?

MonaS! said...

Wow - I thot I had alot of stuff, but you have me beat hands down!!! Hope you are having a good summer - isn't the heat just wonderful? Hope all is well with your clan!

Patti said...

Okay, I won't even start to try counting how many boxes I have.. but I will let you know when I start packing em up in the upcoming weeks. I bet I could give you a run for those 45 boxes though.. ROTFLMBO!!

Thanks for thinking of me on my special day and giving me not one, but two phone calls!!! Can't wait to get together with you one of these days.