Thursday, August 7, 2008

Trying to be selective

in everything I do these days.
Time is so very precious.
And it flies by so fast.

I want to make sure the time I spend with the kids are quality moments.
I want to make sure my "me time" is quality time.

So, I am watching what I do and how I do it.
I'm being super selective about what I read.
Reading stuff I really love.
Sounds silly i know, 'cause who reads stuff they hate...but you know what I mean.
So, I've been sticking my nose in some awsome novels.

I'm reading this at the moment and it rocks.

I havn't been a big television fan for a while now, but there are a few days I feel like vegging in front of the tube.
When I do that I make sure I'm watching something I've selected in advance.
Sounds anal I know...but that's me.

I have this in the DVD player, ready to go any day now:

Trying to be selective.
That's all.

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cornellgj said...

hey girl...i read that book this summer too and have its sequel on the way via e-bay. it was a fabulous book! have you read anything by sophie kinsella or gemma townley...very similar style of writing!