Monday, October 20, 2008

Hee-Hee...wasn't that bumper sticker from my last post so funny?
I came across it a week or so ago, and had to put it on here.

Oohhh...I started working out again last week.
It's been a long time since I've been at it, and it really shows. I've barely lost any of the weight I put on with my last pregnancy, and the extra kilos are taking their toll on my feet, back and overall mental well-being.

I started with just 20 minutes a day on the treadmill, and today worked up to 30 minutes.
I'm using a rolling hills, walking program, 'cause this girl don't run...unless someone is chasing me with a large butcher's knife of course ;)

I've calculated that I'd like to lose about 15 kgs to start feeling happy about myself.
There I put it out here for all to see.
I'm committed.


Tara said...

Good on ya Laci!! Keep going and you'll feel better in no time! I can't stand exercise but my 14 yr old wants to go to the gym tonite, UGH!!! Anyway I'll go, walk a bit and then come home and put on my new undergarments I bought today, they suck in muffin tops apparently!!!

Karan said...

well good for you, and i love that logo, too funny...

i wish i had a treadmill, it might actually get me walking without having to go out in the cold in the winter time...good luck with the walking...let me know how it continues to go, im cheering you on!!!

Kim Watson said...

Butchers knife....hahahahahaha!
I'm bout the same as you all exercise other than the daily stroll to the postbox (which is outside my front door haha!)
I am also on a mission to loose weight...lost 3 kg so far...YAY!!
OK! you & me girl...we can do this together...15kgs you say YIKES! Lets try 6kgs to need to kill me in the first week.

See I updated my blog..just for you :o) & am SO happy to see you are doing the challenge...I LOVE your work.
Have a super day!
PS How is the nanny working out?

Kim Watson said...

Me again...time for a blog overhaul sweetness! The bit I know about you is not 'plain white' with no what's your email? I have a cool link to funky free blog template site....lets jazz it up a bit shall we?

Julie O. said...

Hi Lacintha!!

You have inspired me! LOL!! I've been wanting to get my treadmill out as well. The wii fit is just not cuttin' it!

Cute card in the post bellow!

Hope all is well!


Ki said...

I despise exercise! Wish I could afford a plastic surgeon!! LOL.. I want to lose about the same amount! Let's keep each other motivated 'kay??