Saturday, November 1, 2008

In the past few weeks I've gotten to chatting to other scrapbookers, and newbies to this hobby about kit clubs.

Back in the day I used to subscribe to a bunch of kits, but as my time to scrapbook decreased and my personal stash increased I dropped all my subs.
Lately though I've been looking into kits again, mainly because there are a few clubs out there who really mix things up the way I like, so I don't end up buying every sheet in every line and not using anything.

Over the past few months I've been sampling a bunch of kits from a bunch of places and these are the ones which "spoke" to me in terms of the varied mix of manufacturers and product, and most importantly, one-of-a-kind customer service.

These are the kit clubs I love:

Cocoa Daisy Kits

Create My Keepsake

Label Tulip

Studio Calico

Bad Girls Kits

So, check them out. You'll find shipping rates very comparable.
If anyone knows of a great kit club you'd like to recommend to me, please post here in the comments :)

Happy November!
I'll be back with some Halloween pics from yesterday...


Patti said...

Thanks for the eye candy Laci! Love some of those.

Unfortunately, I've scaled back with kits too... and cause of the price of the CDN dollar I will likely refrain from buying down south for awhile.:(

Karan said...

the only one i sub to now, is CMK, only because if i dont want it, or like it, or find its duplicate to what i already have, i dont have to get it...Love Lisa...she is awesome there..

Kim Watson said...

You are right in putting CD at the top of the list~heehee! Thanx!!
But you are so right, those are some of the best kit companies out there...there are only x2 extra I'd add....Scarlett lime & A Million Memories.

Sshhh! but I think Label Tulip kicks a-s!
Hope you are having a super Sunday?
PS....Are you entering my challenge this week???? 'Comeon' it'll be great to have someone of your 'caliber' playing along too :o) :o)

Lynette said...

Ohhh I love the cocoa daisy kit...must speak to Kim regarding the shipping costs.

Ki said...

I've let my subs lapse too but will do a month here and there as I like them. Sometimes there's just too many repeats of stuff that you already have cause you couldn't wait to get a new release LOL.... the ones you've listed at the ones I keep an eye on as well!!

I also have been eyeing up Scarlet Lime!