Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today is Poppy Day here in Canada, and as such, a public holiday.
I'm so glad my entire herd is home (and asleep at this moment).
The weather is awful...snowy and slippery.

Great day to stay indoors and watch a movie; curl up with a good book; play a boardgame; scrapbook...

I watched Atonement a few nights ago. It was a fantastic movie...very rich and moving. If you get a chance to, catch it on DVD. It's well worth a viewing.

I also have a James Patterson book ready to go.
It's called Sail and promises to be a good read.

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes on the previous post. My head is bigger than usual now...lol

Have a great day everyone!


Ki said...

Yes it was definitely a "stay home" kinda day today but unfortunately I had to go out! ICK!

Lynette said...

You MUST miss good old Durbs when you have lousy weather like that!