Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today we're having Nalysnky and perogies for lunch.
I bought both these yummy treats from a local Farmer's Market.All I have to do now is make my own sauce, of butter, onion and cream and we're set to go.

It's been such a lovely,lazy Sunday.
Although the children were up at 6h00, it still turned out great.
We spent the morning watching Bollywood music videos.
The kids are always so fascinated by the colours, the beautiful outfits, the stunningly beautiful women...

Here's a peek at a movie I have in the DVD player at the moment.
I love this movie.The stories are so real, so emotional, so beautiful...
"Salaam-e-Ishq" means a salute/tribute to love...

I have a tantalising chicken curry on the stove for supper, with steamed Basmati Rice.
Today is all about the food.
Just like Sundays should be :)

Have a great week everyone.


Ki said...

We had quiche! Kaleigh wanted to know what quiche was so when I was at Costco yesterday I picked one up - it was sooooo good! No, I couldn't even try to make it myself. I would definitely buy it again... it was totally yummy! Best I've had!

Kim Watson said...

Sounds know I haven't had a decent curry since I left Durban. I used to go to the Indian market in town, to get my sweet curry mix...just the smell of it got my taste buds in a zing! Here in CT the curry's are more Breyanis & just not the same. So when can I come for dinner??? :o)

Before I forget...I have a huge favour hun!! Can you sponsor me one of your cool L.O's for lifting, for my next blog challenge? I'll do a bit of a thing about you & what teams you are on, with a link to your blog...keen?
Ah pleeezzzz! You can mail it to my gmail address.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!
PS hows the house coming along?

Lynette said...

Not good at watching movies...but my daughter is always stuck in front of the TV watching Bollywood. But I am totally crazy about curry...and it looks like you make a mean curry.