Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lazy Sundays

Who loves them more than I do?
Nobody...that's who!

I finally got my hands on **this game**.
Going to give it a whirl this evening.

Ooohh, if you like board games, look at 30 Seconds.
I know it is traditionally a South African game, and my MIL brought us one a few years back.
I'm trying to change a few things on ours since a few of the questions relate to particular South African places and customs e.t.c, and our kiddies get lost (but Oshean and I love it :))

Scrappy-wise, one of the ladies who DT'd with me has opened up her own kit club, and her kits are super cute, and easy on the wallet.
She is having a "use-your-stash challenge" which started today.
I'm looking foward to playing along and using up my older, but much loved stash in the process...join in if you're up to it :)

Okay, I'm off...have a good one everyone :)


Lynette said...

I love lazy Sundays too! As for the kit clubs...the shipping to SA is so high it never is worth my while.


dstandard said...

Adorable photo!