Thursday, January 15, 2009

Man, I have been caught up in crock-pot heaven!
How did I not try this earlier?

My mum bought us one when she was here (sort of early house-warming pressie).
Then I bought a crock-pot recipe book.
And the rest is history.

We've been having such tasty broths and stews and soups.
Hearty and nutritious.
And the kids are not complaining.
At all.

How did I not try this earlier?

Here's a fun, fun page using the December '08 kit from Label Tulip


Julie said...

awww cute layout lacintha!

i love my crockpot too, but have been informed by dh that he really doesn't.

lets see, sanity at dinner time or something that makes me crazy.

i know - lets go crazy LOL

i have a great beef in red wine sauce recipe if you want - i like it, the kids like it, and dh, well, he doesn't count in this case!


Lynette said...

Stunning layout as usual Laci. Enjoy your warm broths and the crockpot!


Leslie Ashe said...

Would you LOOK at your gorgeous layout you did with the LT kit!! :D
WOW! :D I love all your details. And hello what a CUTIE in the middle! :D

Thank you for the love ya left me! :D

p.s. I let ya see more than the reveal now...hee hee ;D
Have a fab day!

Ki said...

I love my crock pot too! They are great aren't they?? Speaking of great, so is this page!