Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey, thanks for all the "congrats", ya'll :)
It's always a thrill to see your stuff in the mags...these two pubs are pubs 5 and 6 for me.
I'm not big on submitting (translation:lazy), but this has been a shot in the arm to try a little harder :)

Now...I want to show you these cute jingly jangly earrings I got the other day.I took my girls to get haircuts after school, and the owner of the salon was unpacking some new shiny sparkly stuff.
I spotted these earrings, put them right on, paid and walked out wearing them ...instant gratification is the name of the game!

Don't forget the Upsy Daisy givaway.
I'll be drawing a name some time on Friday...


Lynette said...

LOL! We crows I tell ya! Everything shine and bling is like a magnet.


Kelli said...

I'm a huge supporter of instant gratification!

Roslyn said...

The earrings are beautiful, like you!