Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update on the House

As some of you may know....okay, as ALL of you may know (hee-hee), we started building a house last year.
February 2008 to be more precise.

Well the house continues to be built, and we're hoping it will be ready in April.
It's gotten frustrating waiting this long, but when I go in there and see the lovely attention to detail, then it all seems worth it (sort of..)

I went over to snap a few pics this morning after I dropped the girls off at school and though I'd share them here.

Our front door, which is actually a double door, so that cool handle is replicated on the other door as well :)

The awsome stone tiled entrance hall above which hangs *the chandelier*

One of the many cool pillars. This one separates the formal dining room from the formal sitting room (green room)

The view from the green room...overlooks a nearby park and the lake, which is frozen at the moment, but still very picturesque

Miss Ara's room, one of the largest rooms in the house, and painted in our princesses favourite colours (the lilac looks a bit electric blue here)

Rea's room, totally her favourite colours

Cai's paint colours. We're getting a red racing car bed to go up against that blue wall...

The bathroom sinks, counter-tops and fixtures

The fabulous bookshelf which was built into a recessed wall, at the foot of the staircase (not the greatest pic since I wasn't using the right lens)

The interior door levers:

Okay, I think I got most of it.
Fingers crossed we get to move in soon :)


Kelli said...

OMGoodness! The details in your house are gorgeous! I bet you are so excited for April to come!

Brenna said...

It looks gorgeous Laci...hope all goes well for April.

Erica said...

Gorgeous so far...looks like a dream home. I don't know what you came from in South Africa, but the houses I was in, this is a far cry from those.

Mickey said...

Love all the colours!! and the bookshelves and doors!!

Lynette said...

Oh my this looks wonderful! No wonder you are excited. I hope you get all the little things that will make this gorgeous house a home.:)


Renee said...

Your house looks like it is going to be beautiful!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

OMG Laci.. I wanna come visit! I can help you unpack when you move....! :D

Julie said...

amazing lacintha!! it looks like the wait has been worth it!