Monday, September 21, 2009

De-Cluttering Life

Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed.
By everything.

I've had to step back and take a cold, critical look at where I am, and where I'm going.

One big thing i've noticed is that through the years my life has become cluttered: physically and emotionally.

I have made the decision to de-clutter it.

I started with something small... my library books.
I've always had a pile of library books on my night-stand.
Just looking at that pile puts me off reading.
And I forget about the books (which I am not reading)
And the fines start piling up.

So, I returned all those books, I "just had to read".
And I picked one book from our home library (yes, it is a rather well-stocked and current library), and started reading it.
I read for 2 nights...
And finished the book.
And loved it.

Next I sent back the rented DVD's that were sitting on the mantle.
Movies I "just had to watch" but didn't get around to even breaking them out the case.
Sent them back.

To keep the momentum going, I picked up a small pile of scrapbooking supplies, and auctioned them off on E-Bay.
And they were sold.

Then I packed a big box full of supplies and donated it to a non-profit organisation which auctions off goods at Christmas.
So, the scrappy pile is being reduced...

How do you de-clutter your life?


Patti said...

Library book stack.... did you look in my window? LOL! I am doing exactly what you are doing.... returning a big stack today, unread.

It is amazing what piles of 'stuff' can do to us physically and emotionally. Good for you for starting the process.:)

Lynette said...

I can't think with a I tend to stay clutter free.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I inherited the "packrat" gene from my Grandma. She passed away in March and cleaning out her house was both horrible and fun. Because she was a packrat, we found some really cool things, but it has made me want to pare things down a bit at home. I've gone through some clothes and books so to Goodwill.


Jane said...

It's funny but to me September is almost like January - in New Years resolutions/ new beginnings kind of way! I have this strong need to start afresh with the new school year and almost 'Spring Clean'. I did the same thing but for me it involved clearing out my book cases!! I didn't get rid of them completely but I did box them all away for a while! I returned all the library books from the Summer and we didn't get ANY for September because it's such a busy month for us and I needed to declutter!!! We cleared out bedrooms and closets and I felt a lot calmer!!! (or at least I'm getting there lol)

Ki said...

I tend to do this as well and I think both my girls have the gene! It's almost time to go through scrap stuff again! I purge more than I scrap it seems!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like my life right now!!! i just don't know where and how to begin my cleansing...