Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still Updating 2009

...don't accuse me of racing ahead of myself...lol...no chance of that EVER happening

So, I'm still trying to get a few minutes to update with some cool pics, and cool stuff we've been fortunate to capture and experience.

Take for instance last Christmas (which was technically 18 days ago..hee-hee).
Anywho, it was one of the first Christmases we didn't have family visiting from South Africa, so on a spur-of-the-moment decision, we loaded up the troops, packed our bathing suits and headed South to *this awsome place*

We left a freezing Alberta (it was around minus 57 celcius with the windchill at the time) and arrived at plus 27 celcius (a tad bit too hot at times...yeah yeah I'm a moaner, I know..lol)



This was a shocker...Ara is the most ladylike, girly-girl, pink and sparkly little thing ever to cross anyones path:

We booked a photo shoot with the in-house photog at the hotel (he shot with a Nikon, and really wasn't very good...), but we got some treasured family pics :)

When we left there, we were brown, over-fed, tired...but so so happy~


Kelli said...

That's so awesome! Love the family shot, even if the photographer 'wasn't very good', it's funny how we really notice these things now.
And the pic. with your little guy sleeping is so cute!

Patti said...

Awesome!! LOVE, LOVE the family picture by the water... the colours are amazing. Can't wait to see this in a layout.
Too funny that "E" is alseep... and 'caught' in the act..lol!!

Ki Kruk said...

Look at all that delicious orange in that family photo! Fabulous!!! This is what I'm hoping we will be doing next Christmas, soaking up rays of sunshine instead of freezing our asses off!