Friday, May 7, 2010

...and now for some sunshine...

brought to you by Noel Mignon.

This is her May kit.
It's called "Playdate"...and it just screams fun, no?

To tell the truth, this lovely kit sat on my table for a while.
It sat silently, while I fondled it...relentlessly...
Every day.
I couldn't bring myself to disturb the utter prettiness of it.
You scrapbookers will know what I mean. *wink*

Today, my 2 year old opened it up, to get to the lollipop. (Yes, Noel throws in lollipops and stuff...she's cool like that)...
Anyway, after the security on my kit was breached (I watch Law and Order, ya'll), and I managed to calm down, I put paper to trimmer, and the above page was born :)

The picture was yet another from our glorious South African holiday last summer...*sigh*

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Kelli said...

Love the brightness!