Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's been a "Ben & Jerry" kinda week...

First Rea got sick...very sick...lots of awful stomach pains.
And she's not a complainer at all.
So it was so scary when she couldn't sit, stand or even lie down without howling in pain.
After many hours of trying out different pain killers at home, she ended up in the emergency room for some IV pain killers...

That helped a lot, and the next day she had an ultrasound to see what the culprit was.
Nothing turned up and her bloodwork was fine, and she's been good ever since.
Fingers crossed that whatever it was stays away...FOR GOOD!

Then, this happened:

I can't say too much there 'cause it's all car-ish and techie geek stuff...but it ain't right!
Tha's all...

But the weather was good, and the littlest men in my life took me to the park that afternoon...and the week that started out not-so-great ended up smiley and happy :)

Hope your weekend is going swell...


Kelli said...

I hope she's okay! Your daughter I mean, and the car too.

Patti said...

Oh scarey... hope Rea continues to be well.


.. as for the car... fingers crossed it isn't anything too major.. didn't burn the motor out of it racing to a scrappy sale did you? *wink*

The boys.. precious!! Nothing beats spending time outdoors with our kiddos!!

Chat soon

Ki said...

I hope Rea is feeling better!! The boys are adorable - how can they not make you smile??
Is moving day getting closer??