Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting Close...

"Casa del Naidoo" is almost finished.

And it's looking goooooood!

We popped in there last week for a qick peek and the cabinet guy was busy doing his thing. The kitchen is looking awsome...wanna guess what's my favourite part?...*hic hic*

...and part of the main en-suite...please check out the saweet walk-in-closet (Carrie Bradshaw, take a hike, sistah!)

On the family front, we've been enjoying our time with my Dad.The time has flown, and he'll be leaving next Tuesday...lots of great memories, and even more pics that I'll share later on...

For now I gotta say Ciao baby...and have a great week!


Ki said...

WOWZA!... lookin' awesome!!

Kelli said...

Love your little additions to the photos!

Kim Sonksen said...

I am having house envy :)
Love the little hearts you added to the cabinet *giggles*

Patti said...

Can I have a corner of that walk in closet for my sleeping bag? LOL!!!

can't wait to see you, the family and the house... I'm excited!!

Thinking of you and O on Tuesday!!