Monday, January 31, 2011

15 Years

Oshean and I were married.

(Christmas Day 2010)
It was a leap year.
He was in Med School. I was in my first year of clerking for a Law firm.
We'd been together almost 4 years (give or take a break-up here and there...)

One evening, mid January, I said "Hey, it's a leap year. Would you like to marry me?"
He said, "Sure...why not" (he's romantic like that)

We decided the end of the month (since it would be an easy date to remember...practical if nothing else, that's us).

Two weeks later, we were legally married in a courthouse, with a judge and our two witnesses.

A year later we had the big wedding (as always envisioned by our parents)...with all the bells and whistles
...but that's a different post.

Happy Anniversary, Osh.
Here's to another great 15 years.


Ki said...

Happy Anniversary Lacintha & Oshean!

MonaS! said...

what a beautiful story! Much better than Chris and I. Congratulations again!!!

Shannon Connors said...

My mom was a Leap Year Baby - born Feb. 29th! - she's actually younger than my daughter - lol.
Happy Anniversary!

Kelli said...

Congrats! Such a cute couple!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both. Hope you guys had a GREAT DAY!!! A romantic story, even Shakespeare himself would approve! .... Divagaran