Saturday, March 12, 2011


...and you'll be happy to know I was behind  the lens ;)

So, Oshean's uncle has the most amazing South African restaurant, here in Edmonton. He's recently thought about getting the restaurant on the internet, and needed some photographs taken.

Enter moi!
With the four munchkins in tow, I headed off yesterday to grab a few shots before the supper rush began. It was a different experience having to photograph inanimate objects, interesting though...and taste-bud-crazy-driving!

Yums, right?
(Thank you to my online, Facebook, scrapper, photog buddy Kelli for the food-shooting tips :))


Ki said...

Oh man! I should have gone with you...looks DELISH!!

Kelli said...

You are so welcome!
Everything looks yummy! You did a great job!

Patti said...

Oh.. Delish!!!!