Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Circle Journals

Have you been part of a circle journal group?
Did you love it? Hate it? Would do it again in a heartbeat? Wild horses wouldn't drag you there again?

I love it!
I put together a small group last year. It was my first experience of a CJ group.I picked a few friends I already knew and we all got a group going.It was so much fun learning about everyone as the journals came around, and my finished journal literally moved me to tears... powerful stuff!!
That group will come to an end soon, and I feel sad, but enriched by the experience.

People may think that these groups are for scrapbookers only, but I disagree.I gave my MIL the idea when she was here,and she was very interested in starting up something like this with her group of seniors (at least that's what she told me :) ).
All you need is a journal,a few pics and a great pen.

I'm in the process of putting together my next group, and I love how it's turning out.
It's addictive I tell you!

You should try it!


Denise said...

Hmm ... I was invited to become involved in one by a very special lady and have enjoyed the process immmensely. I am still awaiting the return of my journal but, if the ones that have already passed through my hands are any indication of the talent that may have also gone into mine, I am beyond excited. ;)

Jayme said...

:0) If it weren't for cj's I'd never get to scrapping! I love how they push my creativity... something about working in someone else's book brings out the best, kwim?

Theresa Tyree said...

How cool if your mil actually gets that cj together!

I can't wait until ours begins!! Woohoo!!