Monday, March 3, 2008

I started Jessica Sprague's Photoshop Classtoday.
I havn't gotten beyond registering and downloading something. Tonight when the kids go to bed I'll be jumping in with both feet...Yay!
Hoping to see a few familiar names and faces on the Forum too :)

What else???

We made a quick dash into Edmonton on Saturday. Grabbed This from Starbucks.

Also managed to get Rea her ever-elusive belt..double Yay!
And a few more goodies for us :)

We love being in the city...
But we also love the family life country living affords us...

It's time to bring the two together ;)


Jayme said...

Remembered at midnight the class was starting... got curious about why I hadn't got the emails... turns out I misspelled my email address, lol! See you there!

Holly said...

Do share how the class goes with us! I wanted to join this and totally forgot the due date.. Now its to late.. :) Have fun with it!

Holly said...

Hey you!!: ) You have been TAGGED!!