Thursday, April 10, 2008

Circle Journals *Part 2*

Oy vey!
I'm like the dim-wit in my new CJ group.
The other girls are totally knocking the ball out the park with their themes, and I'm like...
"Ummmnnn...I think...Uh...well...I dunno...Maybe...well..what about...."

So, I need all my bloggity-blog friends to help me come up with a super-dee-duper Theme.
How about helpin' a sister out?

Give me a theme and I'll draw a name for a cool RAK.

I'm going to leave you with this glimpse into Summer, using this awsome line....Ahhhh!
Almost there now.
I can practically taste that watermelon.


Roslyn said...

How about "I can't think of a theme, so do a page about whatever you want" LOL!!! I'm not in any frame of mind to think of anything but nutrition right now (and somehow I don't think 'indications for enteral and parenteral feeding" would quite hit the mark!).
So good luck!

Denise said...

I hear ya on the dilema. I had a hard time when I was choosing my theme so just went with something I knew and that I was passionate about. (BTW, have you seen it yet?) How about .. 'Life in the Fast Lane'? ... something you should know all about after having had four children!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lacintha,
I've never done a circle journal but how about something like:
"Had I Known Then What I Know Now"
Or "Thinkg I want to do before I die" or "Guilty Pleasure".

mojo mama said...

Depending on how well you know the group-like how much do you really want to know about them???? kwim? I did one where the entire LO had to be monochromatic-in their favourite colour. Favourite song? Favourite song of the 80's??

I was in one where I had to do a layout on art that"inspired" me-not really an art person-so I did it on Matthew McCaughnahey-lol
His body inspires me-tee hee.

I wish you luck my friend-I too struggle witht these topics. I am a bit of a goofball-so I prefer humor in my circle journals-how about recreate that ONE lo you wish you had never done??? So hideous that you want it to dissappear???

Have fun!!!

Mickey said...

things you might not know about me me
favorite things

Tara said...

I did one titled "10 Truths and a little white lie" it was fun, everyone did a Lo with 10 truths and a little white lie about themselves with a hint to the lie on their sign in tag. Good luck and have fun!!

Shannon Wyman said...

Oh Tara's got a cute idea there! What about 'In another life I'd be...', or 'Looks can be deceiving', or 'If I Had a Million Dollars...'.

~Cheryl said...

I like these:

What I wish I knew
My life in color
Places I've been or Want to go

Enjoy your CJ!

KathyT said...

I don't have a theme for you but I love that layout and those pics!! So summery. It's snowing here today...........:)

Theresa Tyree said...

Awesome photo and such a sweet layout!