Sunday, April 6, 2008

A day without perfume is like a day without sunshine.

Gawd, I love perfumes...all scents, all tones, all makes (except the cheap ones...hee-hee).
I've been a perfume wearer from back in the day when I was in school. And in those days, we were not allowed to wear perfume to school. But I would risk whatever wrath was visited upon me by the powers that be, and sneak a small squirt on my pulse points.

See the picture up on top?
The Jean Paul Gaultier is my second bottle, given to me by my Mum, at her last visit here.
The Christian Dior "Dune" is like my millionth bottle. I've been wearing that from University, and wore it on my wedding day, complete with matching shower gel, body lotion, powder and al the essentials for proper "layering".
That zippy litle purple bottle *swoon* is "Alien" by Thierry Mueglar (he of the "Angel" fame), and it is scrummy!
Hubs bought me that last year...just because (what a guy!).

So, even though these days I smell more like throw-up, and sometimes worse, you'll still be able to catch the faint whiff of some delicious perfume.

What's your favourite scent?
Enable me :)


Anonymous said...

Hope you get feeling better soon Lacintha! I love perfumes!!! I have a bottle of "Pivoine" and "Ode Au Reves" By Yves Rocher. But my favorite is "White Linen" By Estee Lauder. Another newly discovered perfume is "Beautiful" by Estee Lauder. I had a small sample bottle of it and it disappeared too fast. I need to get myself some more as soon as I can afford it.

Aleks said...

Oh man Lacintha!! you've inspired me to take a pic of my collection!
My ultimate favourite personal scent is CK Contradicion.

Shannon Wyman said...

I love that first bottle!! I'm a Channel No.5 gal myself! (When I do wear perfume, lol).

Jayme said...

Well now, that was a good reminder:0) I used to wear perfume every day, but got out of the habit when I worked with someone with allergies (although in her case, I am not sure if it was allergies or an excuse to go home- anything seemed to send her off!!!!!) Anyways. I will dig out my bottle of Clinique "Happy" and spritz myself today! Cheers!

Take care of yourself, K?

Kimberly said...

I totally agree! I love to have a little squirt of a fresh scent to put on every morning!
I hope you are feeling better! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey Laci....

My all time favorites are.... my Angel Collection, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana, and Clinique're right Perfume is a must for me as well, I try not to wear too much to work as we have a No-Scents Policy.....but I'de rather smell perfume than some peoples BO....


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of a perfume junkie too!!! I really like Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, Forever by Alfred Sung, and Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden. Those are my current favorites......


Marina said...

Laci - you've inspired me to take a photo ofmy collection.... so instead of listing all my favorites here, I will finally post on my blog and make the list there.

Dune - wow that brings back memories, I haven't worn that in ages!!!!

I will leave you with one bottle that always gets replenished when it gets low (and it is at the point now) Coco Channel. A total must have in my books. I've been wearing it for about 15 years now and it is my absolute favorite.

MonaS! said...

Eternity by CK has always been my favourite! Oh, and Sunflowers.

Theresa Tyree said...

My everyday perfume is Malaia by Hollister:

I get compliments on it all the time. Before that, I loved Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, but it reminded me of my ex who bought it for me so I had to get rid of it.

I also love layering with bath and body works products. I especially love Brown Sugar & Fig.

It's nice to know that you would pass my sniff test. I can't stand stinky people! Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

my favourite subject! :)

i have so many favourite scents, Lacintha that i will tell you only a few ones:

Diorella by Dior (heavy scent)
Nina by Nina Ricci (i have to have it, no?)
Red Delicious by DKNY (a little bit similar to Nina)
Contradiction by CK
Ysatis by Givenchy (oldie but goodie)

and Elle by YSL and Daisy by Marc Jacobs are on my wish list!