Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ooohh, I'm a bad blogger!
If I had a dime for everytime I blogged that, well, I'll have one of these babies now, wouldn't I!

Lots of busy-ness going on in our lives these days.
Add to that, three of the shorties and I have been fighting miserable colds for over two weeks, so bleeeccch!

I'm thinking of getting a sewing machine. I know nothing at all about these things, so if anyone can recommend a good make/model, I'd really appreciate it :)

Also, thinking of downsizing the scrapping supplies over here. Most of it is in boxes still (from last years "move-fest" over 6 months), and before we pack up to move again I thought I'd have a scrapbooking garage sale.
Still thinking though...not sure how that'll work here, especially since we live outside-ish of town...

Other than that, it's a lazy rainy Sunday.
Waiting for the nappers to wake up, and perhaps we'll shoot to Edmonton to grab a cuppa Starbucks :)

Have a good one everyone!


Theresa Tyree said...

Hello beauty,

You can get rid of your goodies on under the Buy/sell forum. No Ebay fees!! I've bought tons and tons of stuff from there. It's the best thing since sliced bread. (<---insert big cheesy grin here)

I Shawna's beautiful CJ today from Ellen! OMGosh! You're gonna love it! I need to kick my CJ butt in gear!! Now I have both Shawna's and Ellen's! Yikers!! Also, got a box from PT of the MIA rock star collection. All this admidst packing/moving!! Fun times. Fun times. Not!

Love ya!

Patti said...

What, you don't have the "HIS" and "HER" version of those yet? What is taking you so long? LOL!:)

Scrappin' supplies - too many, mmmm I wonder how that could possibly happen?? lol!

Roslyn said...

Hey Lacintha,
I have a Janome sewing machine that works well, but since it is the only machine I've owned or used, I really can't say if it is a good value or not. I've always heard that Sears Kenmore models are great.
Good luck with your search...and downsizing!

Ki said...

The garage sale worked for me - although I still got way too much LOL.... \
Are you thinking of getting a sewing machine for just scrapping? A basic one at WalMart you can pick up for around $100... should be just fine.