Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm Keen

on these:

I resisted these for a while, 'cause honestly, they're ugly as sin.
(See the big toe action going on there?)

But I tried one on and fell in lurve! I'm hooked on Keen's.

A big shout out to Yugen and Kers, who informed me they follow this sadly-neglected blog, all the way from Durban

*waving* Hiya girls...:)

Not too much happening. The house is coming along, a little slower now, as the trades go in to do the electrical, plumbing e.t.c...still hoping for an end-October move-in date.

Finally adjusted to being back in a little town again.
The reason we moved, which was so that we could have more exclusive family time, is working, so Yay!
Although we do miss the city-living experience, and more importantly, the friends there...
Can't have it all though right?
We figure that while the kiddies are little and need us both around more, and I need Oshean's help with them, this is where we need to be.
They will grow in time, and we will move again...
So yeah, the gorgeous house we're building will be on the market in 4 years or so...any takers?...hee-hee..


Theresa Tyree said...

Got the photos just a bit ago! OMGosh, the kids are so GORGEOUS!!!

I love the sounds of your new house- the materials/colors you've picked out. Ours will be ready for move-in in a couple weeks (fingers crossed!!). Next year, when you move again (tee hee), move a little closer this way. ;o)

Girl, you make me LOL- totally. When I saw the pic of that shoe, I was like, "Dang, that's hideous!". Then, it was all ok, because I see that you think they're hideous too. Sometimes we have to sacrifice style for comfort. I saw some Birkenstocks sandals that were just as ugly, but were just heavenly on the ole dogs, but still, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Now I'm more inclined to, since I see you're taking the plunge yourself. LOL!

MonaS! said...

Not sure that I like those sandals - they are definitely ugly as sin!!!

Sounds like you are busy - hope you are getting the time to scrap and enjoy yourself my dear!

Patti said...

Umm, personally.... I like em! Might just have to get me some! :)

Mickey said...

These are exactly what my DS and his wife wear! In fact the only shoes they buy now are Keens!!

Ki said...

Hmmm...not for me LOL... I won't wear Crocs either!!

Glad to see you are blogging again!

Jayme said...

I was a long time convert to the crocs cuz they are so ugly- but now I won't take them off my feet! I imagine the same for these! Go! make your feet happy:0)