Friday, July 11, 2008

Facebook is eating my Brain!

What little there is left of it, anyway.
I've managed to re-connect with a bunch of good old friends, and have spending a lot of my spare time catching up with them on FB chat (love that thing).
It's amazing how much everyone is the same, even though it's been ages since we were in school.

When I'm not chatting it up, I'm playing Word Twist (thanks to Ki and Lea who always have a game going there for me, even though they kick my butt on a regular basis).
And more recently, "Gangster Battle".
I'm hooked.
I'm totally getting in touch with my inner Soprano here.

I think I'd make an excellent mafioso.
Next job, for sure!

1 comment:

Patti said...

Omg, don't know how I missed all your posts. You are on a roll!!

Okay, you know.. know you have me hooked on Gangster Battle. lol