Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Grade 5

Yup...can't believe how fast the time has flown.
Rea, our first-born is now in Grade 5.
Yesterday was the first day at school for her and she appears to be quite happy with her new teacher, new classroom (it's a pre-fab structure outside the main building), and her new duds :)

So, it's back to packing lunches, checking homework, having the constant talks about making the right choices when it comes to friends (the talks become a bit more regular as they grow) and trying to find a balance between it all.

Rea's been a really good child. She has recently come into her own, and we're so happy to see her drop away the shy cover she's worn (although she still is quite introverted).
She seems to be more comfortable with who she is.
She is embracing the person she sees herself as, and there really is nothing more beautiful than that to watch.

Okay, enough of my long-windedness.
I have lunch to prepare and a shower to take.
Until next time...

P.S Who's so shocked that I'm blogging so regularly?
I know I am!


Patti said...

Naaaaa!!! Not surprised really... just glad to read your blog regularly:)

Great picture of Rea:)

MonaS! said...

Wonderful photo of Rea - Kiana started grade 5 the other day too. Don't they grow up too fast?

Anonymous said...

gosh Rea looks great and i can't believe it how time flies... grade 5 already.