Saturday, October 11, 2008


The last few weeks have been frustrating and stressful.
We were due to move into our new home next week, but it appears it won't happen until late December/January next year.

on the upside, what has been done so far looks great and we're happy with that.

Here are a few pics:

The Foyer (which takes my breath away even when it looks a mess)

The view from the kitchen and nook into the Family Room (how gorgeous is that red?)

The oversized family room in the basement, which leads to a bedroom and bathroom:

The steps into the basement (love our rounded steps)

The deck..(rad,right?)


Patti said...

It is lookin' gorgeous Laci. Of course how could it not with a diva's touch. :)

Can't wait to come to Castle Naidoo!!!!:)

mum & dad said...

A really lovely, beautiful house - just like a palace. Wish we were there with you guys to see it go up!

Congratulations and good luck.

Mum & Dad

Mum & Dad said...

The kids must be really excited and waiting to get in and do their stuff, huh?

Love & kisses to all

KJ-Starre said...

OMGoodness...hows that house???? it is beautiful...certainly different to the houses I saw when I was in Toronto in December/Jan. The Canadians must be drooling at your non-Canadian style. I am so glad you & your family are doing so well there & seem happy & settled. We are still dead keen to move too... but my hubbie turned a job down in Vancouver last month much to my :o( saying the timing isn't right yet. I'll just have to be patient hey!
It was great to see you visited my blog...thanks :o)
I'll pop back soon.

Theresa Tyree said...

It's stunning, Laci!! I can't believe how much it's progressed since the last time I saw it!! I hope there's a guest room for me!! I'm excited about your new nanny! I can't imagine how great that would be! When we lived in the Philippines we had one and I absolutely loved her!

Karan said...

oh my gosh...the house looks like its coming along, best youre getting excited and cant wait to move in and make it home...

Ki said...

WOWZERS! It's gorgeous!