Tuesday, October 14, 2008

After close to 8 years of living in Canada with no family to watch our kids if we ever wanted to go out alone; nobody to take the kids off my hands for even an hour, we decided to get some help.

A few months ago we applied for a nanny and started the long papertrail.

Last weekend she arrived and it has been great.
It takes some getting used to having someone else in our space, especially since we are notoriously private people, but our privacy is one the reasons we decided to get someone who will live with us and work only for us.

*M* is an awsome housekeeper. She cleans everything, all the time.She helps out with the kids, especially during the crazy morning and evenings when all four kids need stuff at the exact same time.

It's been bliss!


Patti said...

So happy for you and "O" Laci. You so deserve some ME time - and hopefully once routines get established, you'll get some of that.

Kim Watson said...

I can totally relate to your situation. We are the last ones left here in SA...4 years with no family is a killer. We hardly ever go on nite time dates or social PM outings...so what we do do is sneak off for day time dates, when Maxi's au-pair is here :o)
It takes getting used to having someone around you are right, but before long they will feel like one of the family like our 'Sarah'.
Hope you are well?

Lynette said...

Is this the Laci that lived in Durbs and I think I met you in the gallery at Scrap Fans?????

MonaS! said...

Girl, I am sooooooo envious! You lucky thing you. What a bonus to have wonderful help!

Tara said...

My gf just hired a live in nanny, she'll be here in January. She is so excited and it will simplify her life so much for her. Enjoy your "free time"!

Ki said...

That is just great! So happy for you! Enjoy!!! You'll be so used to having her around that you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner!