Thursday, October 16, 2008

MAC or PC???

I've been in need of a new laptop for a while now.
I can't decide.

Some say "Once you go MAC you don't go back".
Others say the learning curve from PC to MAC can take some getting used to.
And I'm not so sure this old dog is up to learning any new tricks yet :)

Although, I must say that Apple is making up my mind a little more every day.
Their new MacBooks look fantastic and the LED Cinema Displays have this techie-geek-girl chomping at the bit.

But then I think if we switch to MAC, we should switch to a MAC desktop too, and that sounds costly since our pimped out PC desktop is but over a year old...


Let me leave you with a Christmas card I made yesterday, using Upsy Daisy's new "Spirit" line


Patti said...

Gorgeous card! Love the colours!!!

Okay, MHO....PC RAWKS!!

In Ontario, I grew up going through school using PC... then when I began working in BC the school system there used MAC and I had a REAL hard time grasping the differences. My desk top is a PC and that is all I will ever own.

Good luck with your decision:)

Kim Watson { KJ-Starre} said...

Heelloooo! Loving have you pop onto my blog by the way :o)
Thanks for the link...I have seen Sasha's stuff around...she is making a name for herself I see. She was clever, by doing the Pencilines sketches every time they noticed her, then they asked her to be on the DT, now I see she is on the Label Tulip DT :o)
Her stuff is always so great & full of colour.
Cute card you have been with Upsy Daisy a while now hey?
Re the Mac PC bloke only uses mac...desk & laptop. I have always used PC...not that I am open to learning but until my dear faithful laptop dies....I'll stick it out with PC.
How do the prices compare with each other over there?

Karan said...

the one thing you have to remember about a MAC is software compatability...never mind the learning curves, its the software you want, that will not be as easily available to you...thing with macs though viruses...all viruses are for advantage..

love the card too by the way...i think i want that paper :P and thanks for the drop by my blog.. :)

Tara said...

i'm not much help, my dad & brother are Mac converts - they love them, my dh on the otherhand is a PC guy all the way but he's a big gamer (aka:geek)!! Best of luck with our decision!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

urmm.. i have never used a mac before.. i really wanna switvh tho, but like you... not looking forward on the learning curve.. still thinking, have been thinking for 4 years.. hahahaha

Ki said...


There, you have my opinion!! LOL. Truly, go MAC!! I LOVE MINE! It's sooooo fast!!!