Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blog Candy

One promise I made to myself at the end of last year was to PURGE my scrappy stuff regularly.

At least monthly.

Well, I'm a little late since January just ended.
But I have a great excuse :)
The Hubs and I were celebrating 13 years of B-L-I-S-S...
Well, mostly

Anywho, leave me a comment and I'll pull a name for a box FULL of goodies...

Here's a page I did last week.
Look at that expression on Cai's

Okay, I'm off to conjugate Spanish verbs...F-U-U-U-N!!!


Yve said...

Comme es ta??

LOVE your blog, you crack me up.


Trace Geworsky said...

Well, i definetly cant help you in the spanish department:)
Keep the inspiration coming..your blog rocks(as does your blog tunes:))
Trace G

keandra said...

congrats on your anniversary! was the purse an anniversary gift? or did you get something else? i'm gonna tell hubbs RIGHT NOW that i need a gucci for our anniversary-next january...that's enough time, right?!?!? the keychain CAN be worn on your belt loop...don't knock my style! LOL!!!

Roslyn said...

Love the layout! Too funny!
Happy anniversary! When are you coming to Edmonton again? We need to meet up!

Chantel said...

Hi Laci....

Still checking your Blog on Vacation....all the way from Florida :))))) Take Care


Julie said...

did you say goodies?? LOL

happy anniversary laci!! and yes, a beautiful wife NEEDS beautiful things from a good husband LOL