Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammy Night

I am loving the Grammys this year.
The last couple years were a bit lacklustre but this year the performers were AWSOME!!!

Al Green and Justin Timberlake!

Jennifer Hudson (love love love her!!!) and Coldplay (brilliant!).

The only downer was the no-show by Chris Brown and Rihanna :(

Hubs is at work tonight and the kiddies are in bed.
I just finished reading *this amazing book*
It was powerful, moving and superbly written...I'd highly recommend it :)

Here's our little Zuzzi, who woke up to a runny nose and some minor congestion this a.m.
He's still so upbeat though :)
And he loves wearing his Dad's hat, even when he was eating


MonaS! said...

he's just so cute I want to eat him up! Have a good week Laci.

Ki said...

Oh man, he is just so beyond cute!!

Roslyn said...

What a cutie! Hope his cold is all better!