Friday, March 20, 2009

Opera Day

The girls' school had the Alberta Opera group visiting today. So to get into the spirit, the staff and students got to dress up as though going to an opera (bear in mind we're still in the minus temps and the snow lies thickly on the ground).
But the Naidoo girls never back down from an opportunity to play dress up and here's how the morning shaped up:

Rea (green sleeve) and Ara (reflected in the mirror), checking on their hair and make-up (just chapstick ;))

Trying to get everyone to look at the camera is a challenge!!!
Poor Cai still had his wonky morning eyes (and hair!)

We even managed to get in a mini piano recital (look how elegant Ara looks)

Okay, elegant from the waist up it would

And of course the Grand Finale...(note the cracker in his left hand)

How about that big drooling grin?

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Kelli said...

The kids look great! That's a great idea for them to dress up like they were going to the opera.