Thursday, March 19, 2009

These flowers were delivered to our home on Tuesday.
I took a pic for Osh 'cause as hard as I'm trying I'm not sure they'll survive until he gets home.

The kids are okay...
all starting to show signs of missing their Dad.

We're crossing out the days on the calender in the kitchen.
Every day a big black "X" covers the day which has passed.

In the meanwhile the boys were playing hard today.

and someone found his sister's princess carriage...ssshhh!

I should get a pic of the girls.
They were at piano classes when I snapped these of the boys...

I'm off for the evening.
Completely and utterly exhausted....


Lynette said...

Cute the one with you son and the princess carriage...sneaky!

Kelli said...

The flowers are beatiful, may favs! The boys are so cute! Such big brown eyes.