Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yup..that's me!
While the fix-ups continue in the house, my patience is starting to wane.

So today, for fun (ha!), I did this page, on the floor, with bare essentials...
Totally not my usual style, but kinda freeing to just "go with it"...

And I felt a whole lot better, as in "less stressed", afterward...:)

This is Rea, at 10 months.
We took this pic at *Sun City*, one of the best places one earth!

Happy Thursday everyone :)


Kelli said...

Hope the house stuff gets sorted and fixed up soon! But it's great that you found the time to 'relax' and scrapbook! What do non-scrapbookers do to relax?

Lynette said...

Gorgeous page Laci! Hope your house woe's are over soon.

ellen s. said...


how are you??????????

miss me? lmao

so what is up with the circle journal. i changed me email and need to mail mine out.