Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moved In

We finally moved into our new home and it's been a bit crazy trying to settle in, unpack and tend to the sickies.

As with a lot of new houses, we are discovering a few problems that need attention...like our Spa-shower in the ensuite, which was apparantly installed upside down without an installation guide...and this by a plumber who admits to have never installed one like it before...
Pardon the shabby pic..lighting was a bit wonky and I couldn't find my lenses...

So now all that tile has to be removed...plumbing has to be re-done, drywallers come back and re-tiling begins.
In the meantime, someone scratched the tempered glass with a tool...Grrrrr!!!

The rest is starting to feel like home though :)

(need to find a bufet and nicely framed mirror to fit into that recess)

...super happy with the way the kitchen turned out :)

...and loving that the kitchen looks out at the lake (which you can't see due to crappy lense action)

Oh, my Guest Design Spot at Mark's Paper Company is on this month.
Loved working with their stuff and got everything in just before we moved...whew!

Check out my bio and projects *here*

Presently, I'm unpacking the office and scrappy room, which is always a load of fun :):):)
We're thinking of getting rid of the queen sized bed in the guest room, replacing it with a pull-out couch, and using it as a combined office/scrappy room for Oshean and I...I'm liking the idea...plus a pull-out kinda ensures the guests don't stay too long, eh?...lol

Happy week everyone!!!


Lynette said...

Your new house is lovely...but it would make anyone mad if they mess up in a brand new house...sort them out my friend.

Kelli said...

Beautiful house!
How frustrating about the shower, we had a similar problem, the shower knob was put on upside down and had to be re-done, but not to the extent yours will have to be done. Hope it all works out!

ellen s. said...

oh man, you are going through it! off to check out your lovelies at marks. congrats!

Kim Watson said...

Your new house is looking very swish!!! I am so glad for you that things are almost done. I just know you are going to be really happy there.

Ki said...

The house is stunning! Can't wait to see it in person!