Sunday, February 28, 2010

Farewell Fair February

And just like that the first two months of 2010 are over.

I wanted to share a few pics of the new home we're building.

A few of you asked "didn't you just build a house?"...yes, you're right we did.
In fact we only moved into the house we built in April 2009.
And by the end of July we knew we had to be elsewhere.

And a new building project was born.

We found the perfect lot, with a beautiful ravine behind us.
Translation: complete privacy and no neighbours in the back :)

(picture taken on 18 January 2010)

This is the view from our nook and family room.

(picture taken on 30 January 2010)

Here's a side view:

...and the other side:

Apparantly the roof shingles are up.
I'll have more pics after next weekend.

Speaking of next weekend, I'll be having a breast reduction and a lift on Thursday.
After I lost some weight last year, my breasts didn't change much and need to be brought into proportion with my body. Hopefully it should ease up some of the back pain I've been having.
And the lift?
Well after nursing 4 kids, need I say more?

Fingers crossed it all goes off without a hiccup :)
And by "hiccup" I mean without the surgeon getting a case of the hiccups while he has a scalpel in one hand and my boob in the other ...hee-hee...

Later Gators :)


Kelli said...

I hope he doesn't hiccup when he's putting the nipples back on! I'm sure it will go well and I hope you have a speedy recovery!
The house looks great!

Heather said...

I hope the surgery goes smooth and safe. You will feel so much better after. Tell Oshean you deserve another holiday to show off the beautiful bod after!

ps. I didn't know you were moving again. The house looks beautiful though. Is that in Edmonton?

Jayme said...

coming along! This weather will move things along nicely. So glad i got a tour of the last place- seems to be under the wire.

And you know I will be thinking of you... you'll be in good hands!

Patti said...

Everything is going to be great Laci,.. just breathe girlie....:)

as for the house.... okay. let me just say I'm so #$$%%%%% EXCITED, YOU ARE GOING TO BE MY 'NEIGHBOUR'... eeeekkkkkk!!!

Julia Saddi said...

Wow, looks good and cosy!!! Laci, hope you are recovering just fine. Big kiss and hug, Julia