Thursday, February 25, 2010

Apparantly my word for 2010 didn't apply to my blog updates...hee-hee.

Sorry for the long (and dramatic) pause between posts.
Lots going on here.
And lots.
And then a little more...Lots!

But I had the good luck to stop and play with paper and glue last week, when Hubby took the kiddos to the toboggan hill near the lake here...

And boy...did I have fun!

You know, when anyone comments "You've been with "Upsy Daisy" for a long time", I can say honestly with no hesitation, "I LOVE their stuff"...really I do.

And their new releases at CHA last month just kept the romance going for me.

I tried not to play favourites, but "See ya Later Alligator" just sat on my lap and fed me chocolates...tee-hee...

And this is the product of that bribery ;)

(layout based on a sketch by Kim Sonkson for "Upsy Daisy Designs")

I'm gonna be back to update on what's been happening...some pics on the development of the house we're building; my trip to finally see a man about new boobs (hell yeah!) and other schtuff :)

'til then be good and have a great weekend (well it IS Thursday)


Kelli said...

You are too funny! Hope your boob man gives you what you want and need. The layouts are great!

Patti said...

Fantastic layout girl!! You are on a roll.... keep em coming!!

Any chance that a close friend can get a sneak preview of the house??:) You know where to find me!

Chat soon girlie!!!

Jillian said...

Hi Lacintha!! I linked her via a thread on SF...I'm glad you think you'll be updating your blog more regularly - I've enjoyed looking through it and will definitely be visiting again soon! :) Your layouts are wonderful. Such sound composition and so clean looking...wish I could be as consistent as you are! :) Your humour also appeals to me!! The more reasons to smile, the better!

BFN from Jillian in Vancouver, BC!

Kim Sonksen said...

I hear ya on the love for UDD - their products just suit me to the ground. How funny that Alligator is your fave too.

LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with the papers.

Have a happy boobday and take care of yourself xo