Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finding my way...

in the concrete jungle has been a trial through fire (of sorts).

After enjoying the graciousness of small town living for the past 9.5 years, the last few months in the big City have certainly been a jolt to my system.

But slowly I am finding my feet and getting to grip with how things are done here. I'm learning that to live here one has to be prepared to spend many many hours on the road; driving to and from schools, grocery shopping, entertainment for the littles, entertainment for the bigs and so forth.

I am finding that making friends is easier than I thought, but finding the time to grab a coffee with a new friend takes some kind of Herculian effort. Things are busy here.
But I'm coming around.

For the past two weeks, I've been burning the midnight oil in trying to get my online business, "The Paper Passion", up and running. I'm close to the end now, and things are shaping up exactly the way I hoped they would :)
So, check back in the next couple weeks for an opening announcement, or join our Facebook group for updates.
I have to thank everyone, the old customers, the potential new customers, friends...everyone, who's been so patient while I dealt with moving house, switching schools, family health matters, website issues and the such over the past few months. It's been a long time coming but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel...

And now for something scrappy :)

created by request for Ms Becky Fleck's March 2011 Cardmaps


Ki said...

Yeah, you blogged! I guess I have to now LOL...
You know where I am if you need me!

Kelli said...

Great to hear about the store progress!
I moved to the big city when I was younger for about 4 yrs. I moved back home, I don't plan on leaving again. It's just not for me. Although Kelowna is getting pretty big.

Patti said...

I'm glad you are in ED!
But you are a cool chicka and will fit in anywhere!!:)

Give yourself time.. you've had lots of adjustments.
SO, Ki when are we having our sleepover at Laci's??

madscrappertoo said...

Great pictures.. :)Love your blog!

madscrappertoo said...

Great pictures :) love your blog