Thursday, March 17, 2011

May the luck of the Irish be with you...

St.Patricks Day is here (almost over actually). All four kids wore green today, and Ara and Cai were thrilled to find the leprechaun's footprints all over their classroom.

Rea was more subdued, but she's a good sport and played along :) It's amazing to watch how she changes as she grows. These pre-teen years are quite something...everybody tried to prepare me for them, but there's nothing like living it.All-in-all she really is a good girl (except when the hormones drive her crazy).

Cai is very into a mathematics and early computer programming  website. We're lucky to have them all in great schools where the resources allow them to do stuff like this. He spends as much time as I will allow him (usually about 30 minutes at a time) attempting mazes and puzzles on the computer. (Note how he couldn't look away once for the pic...and he does look a lot like Bruno Mars here, no?)

Little Ms. Ara, ladylike from the top of her little green bowler to the tips of her stockinged feet. This year was a learning year for her. She encountered some of life's harsh realities for the first time, and came through with flying colours...she is confident in who she is, and in what she is capable of doing. She has gotten comfortable with the specific aspects of being in a program for gifted and talented kids at school, and she is running with it...good stuff!

And then there's Eilam. Three years old...with a vocabulary to rival mine on a good day...and not even remotely interested in being potty trained!
I'm almost giving up here. We've tried everything...everything...threats, bribes, cajoling..."mummy's gonna run away from home if you don't potty"...everything.
And he won't budge.
Any tips???

So that's our St. Paddy's day in pics, with a commentary on where each of my lovelies is right now. I was hoping to get a pic of myself being green in here, but there wasn't a photog in sight when I stepped off the treadmill (and I really was green in the face...hee).

Okay...have a great weekend ya'll~!


Anonymous said...

Luv....Luv... all the pics, the kids have all grown and are all so sweet...gotta call u up one day chickie. Take Care


Kelli said...

Such cute kids!
Believe me, teen aged girls are a totally different animal than teen aged boys. It's like walking on eggshells all the time. And then they have 10 minutes of good mood and they are like angels!

Anonymous said...

Kids r gorgez Laci :D Eilam is just so adorable. Try putting a couple of cheerios in the loo nd tell him to aim for them (he'll have to stand for that of cause...wink...wink)
Luv all ur blogs :D


Patti said...

Oh, they are so cute Laci!!!
Wait till summer.. get him his favourite cartoon underwear.. and let him water the trees outside in the yard.. worked for!!

Ki said...

what fabulous photos!!! looking forward to our next visit...then maybe I will take a photo of YOU with all your beautiful children!!